Company Incorporation


Before setting up a new business in Asia, an important decision is to determine what legal form your business will take and the right company to engage.  You can choose to register a private limited company, partnership, sole proprietorship, branch office or representative office depends on jurisdiction.  The most common and widely used business vehicle is a private limited company.

Over the years, Ledgen Group has successfully assisted thousands of clients with setting up their business, but our works does not end there. We continue to support our clients by providing a comprehensive solution to them at every stage, in multiple countries from incorporation to regional expansion.

Benefits of a Private Limited Company

Protection of Personal Assets and Limiting Personal Liabilities

Substantial Tax

Dividend Income
Tax Exemption

Allowing of 100% Foreign Ownership

Easier Access to Capital Funding

Easier Transfer of Company Ownership

Easily Register your Company with us

We can assist you in the setting up of entities in the following jurisdictions:

✓ Singapore

✓ Hong Kong

✓ Malaysia

✓ British Virgin Islands

✓ Cayman Islands

✓ Seychelles

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