Why Singapore?

This island city has frequently been ranked by several global financial and economic organizations as the best country or among the top countries to do business. These rankings take into consideration factors such as business scaleability, efficiency and openness of the economy, bureaucracy, corruption, IP protection, infrastructure and investment potential. Singapore is recognized worldwide as a sea and air transportation and cargo hub. It has a vibrant business climate that attracts investors and start-ups across various sectors. Within Asia, this thriving country is a leading financial hub. It possesses a fast-growing economy, socio-political stability and well-developed infrastructure. Singapore has also been praised for being a safe haven with world-class transportation, healthcare and education systems.

Due to limited natural resources, Singapore has always placed a great emphasis on its human resources through education, training, upskilling, retraining and lifelong learning. These ensure that the local workforce is suitably qualified to contribute meaningfully to their respective industries. Singapore also attracts many foreign talents who choose to work in Singapore. This serves to bolster the quality and variety of its human resources. 

A digital economy makes full use of the latest technology to digitalize processes and drive business growth. This draws foreign investments which, in turn, creates new jobs and opportunities for those in Singapore. Singapore’s pro-business environment, excellent tech infrastructure, close connectivity to major Asian economies as well as the availability of investment puts it in a good position to develop a strong digital economy.

Singapore is also known for its esteemed government that upholds the rule of law with impartiality.  

Corporate secretarial service providers in Singapore are required to comply with the anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financial requirements set out by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority.

Ledgen Singapore

Mok Heng Wah – Group CEO

Our Singapore office is headed by Mr Mok Heng Wah. He joined Ledgen Group in December 2022 and has over 18 years of experience in the Corporate Services space. Prior to joining us, he was a Director in PwC’s Assurance Services business focused on serving small and medium-sized enterprises. He is a Chartered Accountant and played a pivotal role in advising growth-oriented SMEs as they scale.

If you would like to set-up an entity in Singapore or require any assistance in corporate secretarial, accounting, tax compliance and HR & payroll services for your existing entities, please reach out to us today at singapore@ledgengroup.com

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